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isiiad - Sibella Court

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Sibella Court


"My mother called me Silver...part precious metal part pirate."  "Etcetera" by Sibella Court.

She oozes creative genius from every stylist pore.  She first made her name as an interior stylist in New York City, arguably the most difficult city in the world in which to launch your career. Her first book "Etcetera" took the design world by storm. Now her second book, "The Stylist's Guide to NYC" is set to do the same.  She launches it in New York City next week- at a store that typifies ecclectic style and originality- Anthropologie.  After more visits to Anthropologie with my daughter last year than you could count on fingers and toes, I can attest to it's popularity with the twenty somethings of New York. My daughter's all time favourite household item...a hand worked rug and three quarters of her wardrobe, are courtesy of this undisputed retail success story.

Sibella's first book demonstrates the beauty of creating an interior with the things you love. My only problem with her latest book is that it wasn't available when I was in New York last year.  The upside is that another trip is now a must!  In it she has documented her "absolute can't- live- withouts" in fab photos in nine 'loops of interest'.  Loops of interest vary from Scents & Flowers  to Kitchen & Table Paraphernalia. These favorite shops and antique markets exemplify Sibella's well honed instincts for great finds.  The photos were taken either by her brother Chris Court or by herself, during the fifteen years she worked in that buzzing city.  She says it's her "photography debut". The book includes a pullout map of Manhattan Island with all of the finds/stores conveniently marked and is a nice travel friendly size so easy to fit into your suitcase.


With the aid of email, I caught up with Sibella to get a bit of background about "The Stylist's Guide to NYC" and to see what else she's been up to. Here are a few of the little snippets I discovered.

Her typical New York day, "... begins with coffee and snacks because it’s always go, go, go. Maybe a stop at the florists in the morning for fresh flowers then onto whichever set or location we’re shooting at. It’s a whirlwind around to shops for product, different jobs and new discoveries- more often than not finished with a party in the evening."

She lived in Tribeca and Chinatown...her favourite New York areas.

For inspiration- The American Museum of Natural History was an "absolute paradise for anyone who loves Charles Darwin as much as I do and the MET, nothing beats a glass of champagne on the roof in Summer when an artists installation is being showcased."

I was exhausted just thinking about the list of her achievements so far...then I learnt that there's a third book on the drawing board. "Nomad" is set to be published in November. She's keeping the content of this one under wraps but will say that it's about "bringing your travels into your interiors". (November can't come quickly enough for this little Sibella fan.) That led me to wonder about her new travel destinations.

"My list of places to travel to is never ending and never seems to get any shorter either, no matter how much I travel. I am very much looking forward to my 40th birthday in India next year though!"

While New York City has clearly embraced Sibella, she has introduced New York City to a number of other talented Australian artists.

"Anna Wili-Highfield with her beautiful paper sculptures and Noelle Rigaudie’s amazing creations with cardboard are some of my faves."  


The New York launch of "The Stylist's Guide to NYC" is on 26th May at the Anthropologie Soho Store, 375 West Broadway,  NYC.

"The Stylist's Guide to NYC" is available in all good bookshops Australia wide.

Sibella's own hardware and haberdashery store is called Society Inc. You will find it at 18 Stewart Street, Paddington. NSW.  Her range of Murobond paints can be ordered through it's website. Watch out for her styling packages- available in June.

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